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With the nourishing benefits of Pure Organic Rose Essential oil made from Bulgarian Roses, this magical potion is for pre-order only, as it takes approximately 6 weeks to develop. This oil includes anti-inflammatory benefits to work with fiery pitta skin, antibacterial properties to work with acne-prone Kapha skin, and moisturizing properties to help dry Vata skin. This luxurious product also includes the calming effects of lavender and the skin-brightening properties of lemon and Frankincense. Particularly beneficial for aging skin, the combination of this oil and the accompanying Rose Quartz Jade Roller will lift the skin and help to radiate your natural beauty. This product is handmade and quantities are limited. This is a Tridoshic product.

Benefits: Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antiacne, moisturizing, complexion-brightening

When To Use: After toner, apply before rolling with rose quartz roller

Ingredients: Organic Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil, Organic Frankincense, Hand-processed Lavender Oil, Organic Lemon, Vitamin E. *may contain other essential oils


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